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Manuel Knapp
Austria 2013 / 14’

The meaning of Voidov depends on its visual form, the shape of which is at the same time the work’s content and aesthetics. Thereby, Manuel Knapp becomes the inheritor of the formalists’ philosophy, because the idea of his short animation focuses mainly on the very look of shapes placed beyond (or maybe: over) the classifications of beauty and ugliness. This visual performance is complemented by intense sound and tries to be an independent artistic entity.

Patryk Tomiczek


Vienna Independent Shorts 2013 – Special Mention; K3 SFF 2013 – 3x3 Award

Manuel Knapp

Manuel Knapp was born in 1978 in Austria. He studied painting and design at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna from 1997 to 2002. Furthermore, he studied in the Institute for Electroacoustics in Vienna in 2003. His artistic activity is not limited to visual arts only, it also takes the form of music (he has performed with Zbigniew Karkowski – the author of Voidov’s music).


2005 Accelerated Lines (anim., short)

2009 Information of Decay (anim., short)

2009 Stroboscopic Noise (anim., short)

2013 Voidov (anim., short)

Prepared by: Patryk Tomiczek

Cast & Crew

director Manuel Knapp
screenplay Manuel Knapp
cinematography Manuel Knapp
editing Manuel Knapp
sound Zbigniew Karkowski
animation Manuel Knapp
producer Manuel Knapp
production Innovative Film Austria
sales Sixpackfilm
language no dialogues
colouration b&w