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Lay Bare

Paul Bush
UK 2012 / 6’

Quoted in the movie, Oscar Wilde wrote in The Picture of Dorian Gray that, Beauty is the wonder of wonders. It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. Legendary animator Paul Busch shows humanity’s beauty, regardless of sex, age, colour and all our shortcomings, shown with microscopic precision at music video pace. Busch multiplies examples that prove the human body is always attractive.

Patryk Tomiczek

Paul Bush

Paul Bush studied fine arts in Goldsmith College in London. He has no formal film education, yet he professionally manages production, directing, and editing as well as being the cinematographer, animator and pedagogue. His His Comedy from 1994 was voted the best animated feature the Melbourne film festival. Bush’s works are inspired by art and its connections with science for which he received the Special Golden Dinosaur at Krakow’s 2012 Etiuda & Anima Festival.

Selected filmography

1983 The Cow’s Drama (short)

1994 His Comedy (anim., short)

1998 Albatros / Albatross (anim., short)

2002 Secret Love (anim., short)

2012 Odkrycie / Lay Bare (anim., short)

Prepared by: Patryk Tomiczek

Cast & Crew

director Paul Bush
screenplay Paul Bush
cinematography Paul Bush
editing Paul Bush
music Andy Cowton
animation Paul Bush
producer Paul Bush
production Ancient Marinet Productions
sales Lux
language English
colouration colour