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Table Set Yourself 2

Tymon Albrzykowski
Stoliczku, nakryj się 2
Poland 2012 / 7’

How many uses can a normal, boring little table have? One man and one piece of furniture’s theoretically unlimited possibilities lets audiences reflect on what would happen if we could experience everything. Are the infinite possibilities of choice daunting or pure bliss? A surreal continuation of the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale about the little table.

Tymon Albrzykowski

Born in 1988 in Gdańsk and graduated in 2008 from the Arts High School in Gdynia with a specialization in Artistic Photography. Since 2009, he has been studying at the Cinematography and Television Production Department of the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź majoring in Animated Film and Special Effects.


2010 Dziwy mórz głębokich / The Deep Sea Wonders (anim., short)

2011 Dwa / Two (short)

2011 Przytulizator / The Hugrilizer (anim., short)

2012 Stoliczku, nakryj się 2 / Table Set Yourself 2 (anim., short)

Cast & Crew

director Tymon Albrzykowski
screenplay Tymon Albrzykowski
cinematography Roman Kałuża-Wierzchosławski
editing Tymon Albrzykowski
music Ernest Romanczuk
animation Tymon Albrzykowski
visual design Tymon Albrzykowski
cast Michał Makowski
producer Marcin Malatyński
production PWSFTViT
sales PWSFTViT
language no dialogues
colouration b&w