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Alicja Błaszczyńska
Poland 2012 / 1’

When a lady wishes to take a bath, a pleasant bathroom, a proper-sized tub and a temptingly dripping spout portend of the most pleasant relaxation. Until the mirror splits into spider web cracks and she jumps, hair standing on end, as a terrifying metallic sound splits the air. A light and nimble animated tale in which you can’t close the door on fantasy.

Alicja Błaszczyńska

Born in 1991. After finishing secondary school, she began Culture Studies at the University of Łódź. She is currently a second-year student of Animation at the Cinematography and Production Department of the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź.


2012 Pac! / Splat! (anim., short)

Cast & Crew

director Alicja Błaszczyńska
screenplay Alicja Błaszczyńska
cinematography Alicja Błaszczyńska
editing Alicja Błaszczyńska
sound Alicja Błaszczyńska
animation Alicja Błaszczyńska
visual design Alicja Błaszczyńska
producer Marcin Malatyński
production PWSFTViT
sales PWSFTViT
language no dialogues
colouration b&w