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Michał Wawrzecki
Poland 2013 / 25’

In this intimate story, a couple lock themselves in their beautiful home after a failed attempt to go on vacation. They decide to cut themselves off from the world and spend their vacation together to rekindle their passions. To truly rest, they will not use their telephones, computers, watch TV or listen to the radio. This total isolation knocks them out of their daily routine and brings to the fore problems swept under the rug long ago.

Michał Wawrzecki

Born in 1979. He is studying film directing at the Radio and Television Faculty of the University of Silesia. He graduated from Film and Television Production there and from the Krakow Screenwriting School. He is a co-author of the play and co-director of the performance entitled Zbuntowany autobus, czyli jazda bez trzymanki at the Ateneum Theatre in 2011.


2011 Poczekalnia / The Waiting Room (short)

2011 Spółka z pełną odpowiedzialnością / Family Company (doc.)

2013 Wulkan / Volcano (short)

Cast & Crew

director Michał Wawrzecki
screenplay Michał Wawrzecki
cinematography Cezary Stolecki
editing Michał Żytkowski
sound Grzegorz Kubaszko, Zbigniew Malecki
cast Magdalena Popławska, Arkadiusz Detmer
producer Jerzy Łukaszewicz
production WRiTV UŚ
sales WRiTV UŚ
language Polish
colouration colour