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Eighteenth Birthday

Marta Prus
Poland 2012 / 20’

A ward of the Juvenile Offender Facility in Łódź has just turned 18 and may leave the centre’s orderly reality. After several years of rehabilitation, she returns to the world she left behind – here, old dreams clash with unbending reality: a brother’s attempts to make it on his own, her absent mother in a house where the constant cold is the least of her problems. For now, she desperately dreams about having a party for her 18th birthday.


Łodzią po Wiśle 2012 – Special Mention of Planete Doc Film Festival Director; Koszalin Young and Cinema Debut FF 2012 – Special Mention

Marta Prus

Born in 1987 in Warsaw. Since 2009 a student of directing at the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź, previously of History of Art at University of Warsaw. Graduated from documentary course at Wajda School. In childhood a member of Rhytmic Gymnastics sport club IKS AWF Warsaw, then a dancer at Hanna Kosiewicz dance studio.

Selected filmography

2010 Vakha i Magomed / Vakha and Magomed (doc., short)

2012 I nic dookoła / And Nothing Around (doc., short)

2012 Osiemnastka / Eighteenth Birthday (doc., short)

Cast & Crew

director Marta Prus
screenplay Marta Prus
cinematography Przemysław Brynkiewicz
editing Cecylia Pacura
music Husky Rescue
producer Tatiana Wasilewska
production PWSFTViT
sales PWSFTViT
language Polish
colouration colour