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Comes True

Gaweł Kownacki
Spełnia się
Poland 2012 / 21’

An allegorical portrait of Jerzy Bereś – sculptor and performer, a member of the legendary Krakow Group, a man of a great personality and also the ‘outsider’ of Polish art scene. The film consists of three interwoven themes – narrative parable about a man penetrating the forests in search of a perfect wood for his sculpture, reconstructions of Bereś manifestations from 1975 and fragments of the last interview with the artist held in 2012.

Gaweł Kownacki

Gaweł Kownacki was born in 1977 in Krakow, and is an artist, director, curator and producer of cultural events. He studied at The Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Krakow, Wajda School and the Graphics Department of the Krakow Academy of Fine Art. He co-founded, and is president of the Foundation Artists – Innovation – Theory (F.A.I.T.) that works to stimulate discussion about art and contemporary culture, integrate the worlds of creation and criticism, as well as to promote Polish art at home and abroad. Comes True is his directorial debut.


2012 Spełnia się / Comes True (doc., short)

Cast & Crew

director Gaweł Kownacki
screenplay Magdalena Kownacka, Tomasz Węgorzewski
cinematography Michał Sosna
editing no art
music Teoniki Rożynek
cast Jerzy Bereś, Arti Grabowski, Andrzej Chmielowski, Wojciech Krygier, Ryszard Sokołowski, Jan Zondiuk
producer Magdalena Kownacka, Gaweł Kownacki
production F.A.I.T.
sales F.A.I.T.
language Polish
colouration colour