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The Diamond-and-Golden Editor

Monika Nowicka
Diamentowo-złoty redaktor
Poland 2013 / 18’

Some consider the titular editor an important journalist, writer and critic, while others see him as the epitome of kitsch with a monstrously inflated ego. How realistic is the fairy tale about Bohdan Gadomski that he wrote himself? How real is his bottomless self-love? Maybe the truth hides behind the mirrored sliding doors of his white-gold castle in this colourful documentary about the various lives of one very exceptional man.

Monika Nowicka

Born in 1979, she is a graduate of the Academy of Special Education, Warsaw University Reporting Laboratory, as well as the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź. The Diamond-and-Golden Editor is her directorial debut.


2013 Diamentowo-złoty redaktor / The Diamond-and-Golden Editor (doc., short)

Cast & Crew

director Monika Nowicka
screenplay Monika Nowicka
cinematography Łukasz Dębski
editing Mikołaj Bartosz
music Terry Devine-King
cast Bohdan Gadomski
producer Monika Nowicka
production Monika Nowicka
sales Monika Nowicka
language Polish
colouration colour