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Vladimir the Great

Alexey Kovalchuk
Vladimir Velikiy
Russia 2013 / 70’

In Moloch (1999) by Alexandr Sokurov, Hitler is too busy with childish games to exercise his authority. In Raoul Peck’s Moloch Tropical (2009) the Haitian president is a cheap provocateur and promiscuous bore, too weak to govern the country, which he observes from a mountain peak shrouded in clouds. Vladimir the Great from in this film is cut from the same cloth. In his underwear, with his undershirt sticking out and madness in his eyes, he enjoys an endless feast surrounded by bloc housing. Vladomir has no intention of ruling. He doesn’t even lift a finger when the enemy approaches the country. He awaits the chaos and final collapse.

Urszula Lipińska

Alexey Kovalchuk

Vladimir the Great is Alexey Kovalchuk’s directorial debut. The film screened in the section Cine Fantom Alternative during the 35th Moscow International Festival.


2013 Włodzimierz Wielki / Vladimir Velikiy / Vladimir the Great

Prepared by: Urszula Lipińska

Cast & Crew

director Alexey Kovalchuk
screenplay Alexey Kovalchuk, Ksenia Philippova
cinematography Denis Zybin
sound Danila Zhavoronkov, Max Fedorenko
cast Nickolay Karakash, Ksenia Gromova, Olesya Ponyakina, Alexander Pavlov
producer Alena Nebotova
production MIR-4, Tabooredfilms, Rentaphoto, Cine Fantom
sales Cine Fantom Club
language Russian
colouration colour