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Valeriya Gay Germanika
Russia 2005 / 48’

The director of this film doesn’t condemn, judge or poke fun. Yet again, she enters the world of today’s youth, observing their reality with a sensitivity to every nuance and with the approach of a good documentary-maker, facing a subject who is equally experienced. The main characters’ greatest enemy is not the director herself, who hails from another world, but their very own surroundings: their own reality, which is exceptionally depressing as seen from their stairwell. It would seem the girls portrayed by Valeriya Gay Germanika are stuck there forever. They spend entire days talking about life whilst twisting the cap off the next bottle of beer and chain-smoking cigarettes, and it’s difficult to see them finding any way to improve their lot. They will definitely never lose their desire for happiness, though.

Urszula Lipińska


Sotchi IFF 2006 – Best Short

Valeriya Gay Germanika

Valeriya Gay Germanika was born in Moscow in 1984 and began to direct as a nineteen-year-old, achieving success with her second film, the documentary Girls. In 2010, Russian Television’s First Channel aired her series School, which portrayed the lives of contemporary teens. The footage caused a heated debate in Russia about the state of the country’s schooling, the subcultures arising in the schools themselves, and the problems tormenting students, including alcoholism and drug addiction. Germanika’s similarly-themed Everybody Dies But Me received two prizes at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008.

Selected filmography

2005 Syostry / Sisters (doc., short)

2005 Dziewczyny / Devochki / Girls (doc.)

2007 Malchiki / Boys (doc.)

2008 Wszyscy umrą, a ja nie / Vse umrut, a ya ostanus / Everybody Dies But Me

2013 Yes and Yes

Prepared by: Urszula Lipińska

Cast & Crew

director Valeriya Gay Germanika
screenplay Valeriya Gay Germanika
cinematography Valeriya Gay Germanika
editing Valeriya Gay Germanika
cast Svetlana Samilova, Yekaterina Poltavtseva, Alexandra Shugayeva, Yelena Orlova
producer Mikhail Sinyov
production Kinoteatr.doc
sales Kinoteatr.doc
language Russian
colouration colour