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Volga – Volga

Pavel Labazov, Andrey Silvestrov
Russia 2006 / 67’

A remake of Grigoriy Alexandrov’s film Volga – Volga (1938), Stalin’s favourite comedy. In the original, actress Lyubov Orlova starred as Strelka Petrova, while Vladimir Mamyshev-Monroe takes on the role in the new version. Or, more precisely, his own head, placed on the actress’s body. Ever since the premiere of the film, this eccentric artist has been fighting for Vladimir Putin to worship and adore him as Stalin did Orlova. Until now his love has been unrequited, no doubt because it is Putin’s Russia that is to be seen and laughed at in the new version of Volga – Volga. Like this comedy’s kitsch conventions, the message of the songs sung in it and the values encapsulated in them carry a sharp criticism of Mother Russia today, rather than national pride.

Urszula Lipińska

Pavel Labazov

Pavel Labazov is a film director, producer and director of the International Kansk Video Festival, an ironic version of the Cannes Film Festival.


2006 Wołga Wołga / Volga – Volga (co-dir.)

Andrey Silvestrov

Andrey Silvestrov was born in 1972 in Moscow. He graduated with a degree in Art History from the Russian State University for the Humanities and Workshop of Individual Directors, specializing in Film and Theatrical Directing. He has been working as an independent director and producer since 1993, producing over 20 short films, documentaries and video projects. He is the founder of the Mu-Seum art collective and is co-founder and artistic director of the Cine Fantom Club. His films have screened at festivals in New York, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Edinburgh, Vienna and Brussels.

Selected filmography

2006 Honorable Brother (co-dir., short)

2006 Wołga, Wołga / Volga – Volga (co-dir.)

2009 Birmingham Ornament (co-dir., short)

2009 Mózg / Mozg / Brain

2010 Birmingham Ornament (Fragments 37, 38, 43, 44) (co-dir., short)

Prepared by: Urszula Lipińska

Cast & Crew

director Pavel Labazov, Andrey Silvestrov
screenplay Pavel Labazov, Andrey Silvestrov
cinematography Gennadi Beliaev
editing Maxim Timofeyev
music Eduard Sivkov
cast Vladimir Mamyshev-Monroe
producer Pavel Labazov, Andrey Silvestrov
production Cine Fantom Club, Videodom
sales Cine Fantom Club
language Russian
colouration b&w