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Bleak Future

B. Scott O’Malley
USA 1997 / 73’

A post-apocalyptic vision of the type spawned by punks on bad acid locked up in an isolated squat. A boundless desert stretches under a psychedelic coloured sky, populated by crafty hustlers, mute Scots, sexy illiterates, condom people, and goo-oozing mutants. Surprisingly, the strongest group in this entire mess is a band of intellectuals. The arrogant know-it-all Slangman and the evil Doctor Obvious vie for the technological artefacts of a destroyed civilisation. What the film lacks in ‘cyber’, it certainly makes up for in ‘punk’. Produced for the proverbial case of beer, with costumes and makeup coming from crew closets, the film is aggressive and super caffeinated with buzz-saw guitar riffs.

B. Scott O’Malley

B. Scott O’Malley was born in 1971 in California and made films since he was 15 years old. In college, he directed Johnny Wong: Hewo of the 21st Century (1989), Johnny Wong 2: Wong Again (1990) and Inland Empire (1993). After graduating, he directed the sci-fi comedy Bleak Future. Later he began working for the B movie legend and low-budget film specialist Roger Corman, until disclosure that O’Malley was using his master’s budget cutting methods to shoot his own film at the studio on weekends. The director of Bleak Future gained notoriety among fans of underground cinema for his specific sense of humor. His latest film is a romantic horror comedy Audie & the Wolf (2008).


1989 Johnny Wong: Hewo of the 21st Century

1990 Johnny Wong 2: Wong Again!

1993 Inland Empire

1997 Posępna przyszłość / Bleak Future

1999 Minimum Wage

2001 Grace and Love (doc., short)

2008 Audie & the Wolf

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Cast & Crew

director B. Scott O’Malley
screenplay Steven Darancette, B. Scott O’Malley
editing B. Scott O’Malley
music B. Scott O’Malley
cast Frank Kowal, Brad Rockhold, Wendie Newcomb, Rob Cunningham
producer B. Scott O’Malley, Steven Darancette, Marc Campos
production AnARcHy 101 Productions
sales AnARcHy 101 Productions
source of print B. Scott O’Malley
language English
colouration colour