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David Cronenberg
Canada 1983 / 87’

Videodrome is the crowning directorial achievement of David Cronenberg’s early directorial career. Here, his chief obsession concerning the relationship between the mind, body and technology assumes the form of a gut-wrenching metaphor, while the chill of the sci-fi theme mixes with the delirious atmosphere of a psycho thriller. In the near future, when the television screen becomes the dilated pupil of the human mind, the CEO of a porn station finds a channel that shows only violence and sexual degradation, which cause hallucinations and transform the body: brains bulge with cancerous tumours, palms fuse with pistols, men’s abdomens open into gigantic vaginas that greedily consume videocassettes giving rise to a New Body at the intersection of dead and living matter.


Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film 1984 – Best Science-Fiction Film; Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards 1984 – Best Cinematography in Theatrical Feature; Genie Awards 1984 – Best Achievement in Direction

David Cronenberg

Canadian film director David Cronenberg was born in 1943 in Toronto where he initially exhibited an interest in botany and literature and later turned towards film. His early works, including Shivers (1975), Rabid (1977) and The Brood (1979) earned him the moniker King of Venereal Horror. While his later films also included successful forays into fantasy, in the latter half of the 1980s, Cronenberg began expanding the genres he worked with. In 1988, he directed the psychological, Dead Ringers, and then moved on to adapting two cult stories William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch (1991) and J.G. Ballard’s Crash (1996) all the while continuing to deepen his reflections about the influence of modern civilization on the mind and body. His latest film, Cosmopolis (2012), is the story of a yuppie immersed in madness against the backdrop of collapsing capitalism.

Selected filmography

1975 Dreszcze / Shivers

1981 Skanerzy / Scanners

1983 Wideodrom / Videodrome

1986 Mucha / The Fly

1991 Nagi lunch / Naked Lunch

1999 eXistenZ

2002 Pająk / Spider

2007 Wschodnie obietnice / Eastern Promises

2012 Cosmopolis

Cast & Crew

director David Cronenberg
screenplay David Cronenberg
cinematography Mark Irwin
editing Ronald Sanders
music Howard Shore
cast James Woods, Deborah Harry, Sonja Smits, Leslie Carlson, Julie Khaner, Peter Dvorsky
producer Claude Héroux
production Canadian Film Development Corporation, Famous Players, Filmplan International, Guardian Trust Company, Victor Solnicki Productions
sales Universal
language English
colouration colour