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964 Pinocchio

Shozin Fukui
Japan 1991 / 97’

This underground cyberpunk classic from Japan, a country subsumed in the fetish of artificiality, which achieves amazing results in robotics and graces inflatable sex dolls, with a certain cult status, tells the story of a man turned into an erotic cyborg who’s fuming anger grows as he is raped and abandoned, adopted and chained, demeaned and attacked. His fury ultimately explodes with the force of an atom bomb. 964 Pinocchio is a tale of the loss of control and the progressive reification of the body; it is about the lust, hate and repulsion that turn people into convulsive, blood spurting and bawling mannequins writhing in their own vomit. It’s also an exercise in bad taste fuelled by wild camera shots.


Japanese Professional Movie Awards 1992 – Special Award

Shozin Fukui

Shozin Fukuiwas born in 1961. He spent the 1980s living in Tokyo, part of the local punk scene. There, he formed his own band and became interested in underground cinema. He initially shot promotional videos for various musicians, but over time started to create auteur works. His best-known films include 964 Pinocchio (1991) and Rubber’s Lover (1996), considered classics of Japanese cyberpunk cinema. Fukui’s work has been compared to films by Shinji Tsukamoto, another cyberpunk master, though he cites Possession by Andrzej Żuławski as his favourite film.

Selected filmography

1986 Metal Days

1986 Gerorisuto (short)

1991 964 Pinokio / 964 Pinocchio

1996 Rubber’s Lover

2006 Den-Sen / Suicide DVD

Cast & Crew

director Shozin Fukui
screenplay Shozin Fukui, Makoto Hamaguchi, Naoshi Gôda
cinematography Kazunori Hirasawa
editing Shozin Fukui
music Hiroyuki Nagashima
cast Haji Suzuki, Onn-chan, Kôji Ôtsubo, Kyoko Hara, Rakumaro San'yûtei
sales Honekoubou
language Japanese
colouration colour