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european short films - animation, set 1


How to Raise the Moon

Germany, Denmark 2011 / 8'28’

German director Anja Struck gives voice to her fascination with historical film genres in this experimental black and white animated film. Struck draws much of her inspiration from surrealism, as is clear from the film’s imagery, but also its enigmatic, ambiguous storyline in which fantastical characters dispute a woman’s life.

director: Anja Struck
screenplay: Anja Struck
cinematography: Angela Poschet
editing: Anja Struck
music: Marcio Doctor
animation: Dan Ramsay, Anja Perl, Marie-Louise Højer Jensen, Leo Nicholson
producer: Tim Leborgne, Anne Hornshoj Thomsen
production: Reflektorium, The Animation Workshop
sales: Diktator film
language: no dialogues
colouration: b&w

Anja Struck

Born in 1973, Anja Struck studied Animation and Experimental Film at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany. 1999 she founded the art collective ‘Reflektorium’ together with Lars Henkel and Mario Wagner. She directed several animated short films that have been screened internationally and have won several awards.

Selected filmography

2000 Scenes from the Second Storey (short, anim.)

2002 Enfants du Miel (short, anim.)

2004 Allerleirauh (short, anim.)

2011 Jak podbić Księżyc / How to Raise the Moon (short, anim.)

Bradley Manning Had Secret

UK 2011 / 5'30’

Bradley Manning Had Secrets is ostensibly about a soldier who blew the lid off American military secrets when he leaked documents online. Using parts of Manning’s internet exchanges, director Adam Butcher pushes the boundaries of pixel-art in a minimalist tale about a very big story.

director: Adam Butcher
screenplay: Adam Butcher
cinematography: Alisdair Cairns, Alec Milne
editing: Adam Butcher
music: Blair Mowat
animation: Ben Claxton, Adam Butcher
producer: Adam Butcher
production: Adam Butcher
sales: Animate Projects
language: English
colouration: colour

Adam Butcher

Award-winning writer/director, exploring a variety of unique visual and storytelling styles. His films have played at festivals across Europe, and his recent short Internet Story recently attracted over half a million viewers online Adam Butcher currently works for Red Bee Media, writing and directing promos for the BBC.

Selected filmography

2006 Unanswered (short)

2010 Internet Story (short)

2011 Sekret Bradleya Manninga / Bradley Manning Had Secret (short, anim.)

A Finnish Fable 2011

Teoksen alkuperäinen nimi 2011
Finland 2011 / 5'35’

A Finnish Fable’s promotional materials describe the story as glimpses of a mannequin’s life in the country. The film animates a familiar, human-like, yet normally lifeless figure. The manufactured hero sets out to try human pastimes and pleasures, including camping, and confronts the strangeness of a wholly natural, un-produced environment.

director: Niina Suominen
screenplay: Niina Suominen
cinematography: Niina Suominen
editing: Niina Suominen
music: Tuomas Toiviainen
animation: Niina Suominen
producer: Niina Suominen
production: AV-arkki – The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art
sales: AV-arkki – The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

Niina Suominen

Niina Suominen has graduated from the Arts Academy at Turku in 2004. She also has an education of a blacksmith, animal nurse and a forestworker. She works as a film director and media artist using traditional animation techniques requiring hand-work. Her works have been shown widely at the festivals both in Finland and abroad. She lives and works in Southwest Finland.


2009 Hyvä meininki / Good Stuff (short, anim.)

2010 Kutsun itseäni terveeksi / I Call Myslef Sane (short)

2011 Fińska bajka 2011 / Teoksen alkuperäinen nimi 2011 / A Finnish Fable 2011 (short, anim.)

Body Memory

Keha mälu
Estonia 2011 / 9’

Our body remembers more than we can expect and imagine, our body remembers also the sorrow and pain of the predecessors. Our body sustains the stories of our parents and grandparents as well as their ancestors. But, how far back is it possible to go in your bodily memory?

director: Ülo Pikkov
screenplay: Ülo Pikkov
cinematography: Ülo Pikkov
editing: Ülo Pikkov
music: Mirjam Talli
animation: Märt Kivi, Raivo Möllits
producer: Arvo Nuut
production: Nukufilm OÜ
sales: Nuku film
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

Ülo Pikkov

Ülo Pikkov was born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1976. He graduated from the Turku School of Art and Media in Finland in 1988, and completed law studies at the Institute of Law, University of Tartu, Estonia in 2005. He has been making animated shorts and experimental films since 1996, and today also produces works by other directors.

Selected filmography

1996 Cappucino (short, anim.)

2001 Superlove (short, anim.)

2006 Taste of Life (short, anim.)

2008 Dialogos (short, anim.)

2011 Pamięć ciała / Keha mälu / Body Memory (short, anim.)


France 2011 / 3'32’

In the solitude of her bathroom, a young woman, overwhelmed by her daily existence, tries to regain some form of serenity.Film made bytechnique of paint on glass.

director: Flora Molinié
screenplay: Flora Molinié
cinematography: Flora Molinié
editing: Flora Molinié
music: Marc Piéra
animation: Flora Molinié
producer: Wendy Griffiths
production: Dark Prince
sales: Dark Prince
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

Flora Molinié

Born in Paris in 1990, Flora Molinié began her studies of animated film at Vocation Graphique School, then went on to take her diploma in animated cinema at Paris’ Institut Sainte Geneviève. In 2010, she began work on her very first short film, Apnée, using the technique of paint on glass.


2011 Bezdech / Apnée / Apnea (short, anim.)

Bobby Yeah

UK 2011 / 23’

Bobby Yeah is a petty thug who lightens his miserable existence by brawling and stealing stuff. One day, he steals the favourite pet of some very dangerous individuals, and finds himself in deep trouble.

director: Robert Morgan
screenplay: Robert Morgan
cinematography: Robert Morgan, Charlotte Steeples, Marcus Waterloo
editing: Robert Morgan
music: ZnO
animation: Robert Morgan
producer: Robert Morgan
production: Swartz Can Talk, blueLight
sales: blueLight
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

Robert Morgan

Robert Morgan studied animation at The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, before making a series of highly acclaimed short films which have won over 30 international awards. He works in both live-action and animation. He is currently developing various feature length projects. In addition to his filmmaking, he teaches film & animation practice at The University of Westminster, and has been a visiting lecturer at The National Film & Television School and The Royal College of Art.


1997 The Man in the Lower – Left Hand Corner of the Photograph (short, anim.)

2001 The Cat With Hands (short, anim.)

2003 The Separation (short, anim.)

2004 Monsters (short, anim.)

2009 Overtaken (short, anim.)

2011 Bobby Yeah (short, anim.)

Slow Derek

UK 2011 / 8'12’

Derek is a middling employee in a middling office. His life is set into a pattern of days that change little from one to the next. One day, he decides to break the monotony of his existence by pitting his might against… the speed of the Earth. Director Daniel Ojari employs unpretentious film language to express the contrast between the runaway speed of our planet’s rotation and his protagonist’s drably sedate life.

director: Daniel Ojari
screenplay: Daniel Ojari
cinematography: Daniel Ojari, Bethan West
editing: Daniel Ojari
sound: Joseph Tate
animation: Daniel Ojari
producer: Daniel Ojari
production: Royal College of Art
sales: Royal College of Art
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

Daniel Ojari

Dan is a graduate of The Royal College of Art with an MA in Animation. He is an award winning animator and director based in London. Predominately using stop-motion animation and scale models within his work, he also combines other film making methods to create the desired aesthetic and movement.


2010 Obscura (short, anim.)

2011 Powolny Derek / Slow Derek (short, anim.)

The Great Rabbit

Gurehto Rabitto
France 2012 / 7'12’

The Great Rabbit is a triumph of form – geometric figures are director Atsushi Wada’s basic building blocks for a fantasy world whose transformations and changes constantly reveal new meanings for objects, events and characters. This is a visually fascinating film, whose various elements interact in ways suggesting that Wada’s artistic inspirations and allegiances lie with surrealism.

director: Atsushi Wada
screenplay: Atsushi Wada
cinematography: Atsushi Wada
editing: Atsushi Wada
sound: Masumi Takino
animation: Atsushi Wada
producer: Ron Dyens, Tamaki Okamoto
production: Sacrebleu Productions, CaRTe bLaNChe
sales: Sacrebleu Productions
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour & b&w

Atsushi Wada

Atsushi Wada was born in 1980. He studied at the Osaka Kyoiku University and the Tokyo University of the Arts. In 2002, through self-study, he began creating short animation works. Day of Nose (2005) won the Best Short Film of the Norwich International Animation Festival and Well, That’s Glasses (2007) won the Best Film of the Young Jury in Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival. In a Pig’s Eye (2010) won the Best Film in Fantoche International Animation Film Festival, and Silver Jabberwocky at Etiuda and Anima. The Mechanism of Spring (2010) premiered at the Venice Film Festival.


2005 Yasashii Fue Tori Ishi / Gentle Whistle, Bird and Stone (short, anim.)

2005 Hana no Hi / Day of Nose (short, anim.)

2007 Souiu Megane / Well, That’s Glasses (short, anim.)

2010 Wakaranai buta / In a Pig’s Eye (short, anim.)

2010 Haru no shikumi / The Mechanism of Spring (short, anim.)

2012 Wielki królik / Gurehto Rabitto / The Great Rabbit (short, anim.)


UK 2011 / 5'45’

Moxie pays tribute to the infectious charm of early animators’ imperfect but inspired works. What once were the effects of unrefined technology and technique are today conscious stylistic choices. The sometimes out-of-focus, sometimes skipping and scratchy Moxie is reminiscent of the very first films produced by Walt Disney, but Steve Irwin’s storyline keeps us firmly grounded in the knowledge that he made his film in thoroughly modern realities.

director: Stephen Irwin
screenplay: Stephen Irwin
cinematography: Stephen Irwin
editing: Stephen Irwin
sound: Zhe Wu
animation: Stephen Irwin
producer: Stephen Irwin
production: Small Time Inc.
sales: Stephen Irwin
language: English
colouration: b&w

Stephen Irwin

Stephen Irwin is a graduate of Central St. Martins College of Art & Design. His film Moxie was awarded the Grand Prize at the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2011, and The Black Dog’s Progress won the Best Short Film award at the British Animation Awards 2010. He was named as one of Animation Magazines Rising Stars of Animation 2009.

Selected filmography

2005 Dialog (short, anim.)

2006 Bows and Arrows (short, anim.)

2009 The Black Dog’s Progress (short, anim.)

2010 Horse Glue (short, anim.)

2011 Moxie (short, anim.)


Switzerland, Canada 2011 / 7'10’

Romance explores a lonely man’s fantasy about an affair with a woman he meets on a plane. The action of the romantic drama plays out to the notes of a Rachmaninoff cello sonata, marrying the masterful music with movement drawn in pencils, acrylics and pastels.

director: Georges Schwizgebel
screenplay: Georges Schwizgebel
cinematography: Georges Schwizgebel
editing: Georges Schwizgebel
music: Siergiej Rachmaninov
animation: Georges Schwizgebel
producer: Georges Schwizgebel, Marc Bertrand, René Chénier
production: Studio GDS, NFB, RTS
sales: Studio GDS
language: no dialogues
colouration: colour

Georges Schwizgebel

Georges Schwizgebel was born in 1944. In 1970, he founded Studio GDS with his friends Claude Luyet and Daniel Suter. Spending more and more time on making his own films, he continued to work as a graphic artist and illustrator for another decade before animation became his full-time occupation. Lives and works in Geneva.

Selected filmography

1974 Le vol d’lcare (short, anim.)

1985 78 tours (short, anim.)

1995 L’année du daim (short, anim.)

1996 ZigZag (short, anim.)

2008 Retouches (short, anim.)

2011 Romans / Romance (short, anim.)