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european short films - experimental, set 3



UK 2012 / 14’

Beatrice Gibson’s latest film Agatha is a psychosexual sci-fi about a planet without speech. Its narrator, ambiguous in gender and function, weaves us slowly through a mental and physical landscape, observing and chronicling a space beyond words.

director: Beatrice Gibson
screenplay: Beatrice Gibson
cinematography: Nick Gordon
editing: Beatrice Gibson
music: Earle Brown, Jennifer Allum
cast: Laura Bartlett, Adam Broomberg, Leni Broomberg, Sarah Entwistle, Beatrice Gibson, Nick Gordon, Elizabeth McAlpine, Ruairiadh O’Connell, Amalia Pica
producer: Beatrice Gibson
production: Beatrice Gibson
sales: Beatrice Gibson
language: English
colouration: colour

Beatrice Gibson

Artist Beatrice Gibson (1978, UK) is based in London. She makes her (research based) work site-specific and participatory by using different mediums. A Necessary Music (2008), made with composer Alex Waterman, won the Tiger Award for best short at the IFFR in 2009. Gibson is currently a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths' Centre for Research Architecture. She is working on a new film co-commissioned by The Showroom (London), Pavilion (Leeds) and CAC Brétigny (France).

Selected filmography

2008 A Necessary Music (short)

2010 The Future's Getting Old Like the Rest of Us (short)

2012 Agatha (short)

Path, Frontyard, Collapse, Silence

Pfad, Vorgarten, Kollaps, Stille
Germany 2012 / 8’

What the world will look like by 2050? What will be the next steps in an eco-friendly future? While politicians are engaged on two fronts in a half-hearted war on climate change and the disappearance of natural resources, we have already entered a period in which we are confronted with the very circumstances that we are still trying to prevent. What will happen after a complete collapse?

director: Kai Miedendorp
screenplay: Kai Miedendorp
cinematography: Kai Miedendorp
editing: Kai Miedendorp
sound: Wolfgang Kick
cast: Simone Geißler, Thomas Harbort, Maxim Mikhalchenko
producer: Kai Miedendorp
production: German Film and Television Academy Berlin
sales: German Film and Television Academy Berlin

language: German
colouration: colour

Kai Miedendorp

Born 1980 in Munich. He grew up bilingually in Germany and the Czech Republic.Between 2000-04 he studied electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Munich, followed by a study of journalism at the Bavarian Academy for Television. Since 2005 he’s studying cinematography at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. 2009-10 guest study of documentary filmmaking at the Film and Television Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU).


2010 The Aldeburgh Dragon (short)

2012 Ścieżka, ogród, zapaść, cisza / Pfad, Vorgarten, Kollaps, Stille / Path, Frontyard, Collapse, Silence (short)

Baby Bird, Unborn

Ófænddur ungi
Iceland 2011 / 8’

A film about dreaming and escaping to a place where abilities are unlimited. About flying, for example.

director: Katrin Olafsdottir
screenplay: Katrin Olafsdottir
cinematography: Arnar Thorisson
editing: Katrin Olafsdottir, George Cragg
music: Kazuki Tomokawa, Berntrand Mandico, Ghedalia Tazartes
cast: Alex Brendemühl, Floki Molina, Erna Omarsdottir, Sunneva Weishappel, Harpa Arnardottir
producer: Hlin Johannesdottir, Katrin Olafsdottir, Thor S. Sigurjonsson, Skuli Fr. Malmquist
production: Zik Zak Filmworks
sales: Zik Zak Filmworks
language: Icelandic, Spanish, English
colouration: colour

Katrin Olafsdottir

In 1998 she made her short film debut Sluprinn & Co. Katrín directed, wrote, choreographed, produced and acted in the film that received various international awards. Katrín does photographic work, video, performances and installations in collaboration with Steinunn Gunnlaugsdottir. Katrin has also produced short films by Bertrand Mandico.


1998 Sluprinn & Co (short)

2011 Pisklę, nienarodzone / Ófænddur ungi / Baby Bird, Unborn (short)

Byun, Found Object

Byun, objét trouvé
France, USA 2012 / 7’

This short work showing renowned multi-media artist Chong Gon Byun surrounded by a miscellaneous collection of household and consumer objects is food for thought on our dependence on an endless array of manufactured goods – sometimes convenient, sometimes unnecessary, but always present. With her 16 mm camera, director Marie Losier (The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye played at 11th NH).conveys in the space of several minutes a message others struggle to enunciate in far longer features.

director: Marie Losier
screenplay: Marie Losier
cinematography: Marie Losier
editing: Marie Losier
sound: Marie Losier
cast: Byun Chong, Kiya Chong
producer: Marie Losier
production: French Institute Alliance Francaise
sales: Marie Losier
language: English
colouration: colour

Marie Losier

Born in 1972 in France, Losier studied literature in Nanterre and fine arts in New York, where she has been living for over ten years. She is a curator, artist and director. Her short films and videos have screened in museums, galleries and at film festivals all over the world. She created a series of avant-garde iconic film portraits, including Tony Conrad, Guy Maddin (played at 9th NH), Mike and George Kuchar. In 2011 created feature length debut The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye (played at 11th NH).

Selected filmography

2004 Bird, Bath and Beyond (short)

2005 The Ontological Cowboy (short)

2009 Slap! The Gondola (short)

2010 Eat My Make-Up (short)

2011 Ballada: Genesis i Lady Jaye / The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye (doc.)

2012 Byun, przedmiot znaleziony / Byun, objét trouvé / Byun, Found Object (short)

Scene Shifts, In Six Movements

Finland, Germany, Denmark 2012 / 15'57’

A hypnotizing excursion through places, times, memories and testimonies, guided by several narrators. Director Jani Ruscica’s trip across space, time, and culture imposes a contemplative viewing experience. Scene Shifts, In Six Movements is like a pleasant sedative that opens the doors of reflection calmly and without hurry.

director: Jani Ruscica
screenplay: Jani Ruscica
cinematography: Anu Keränen
editing: Jani Ruscica, Tiina Aarniala
music: François Couperin
cast: Pape Sarr, Maryam Hamadon, Denise Akar, Jorma Hellström, Svend Christianssen
producer: Jani Ruscica
production: Askel tuotannot ky
sales: AV-arkki
language: French, Finnish, Arabic
colouration: b&w

Jani Ruscica

Born in 1978. He is an artist working with film, video, photography and other media. He works explore the intersection between cinema, video art, theatre and performance. Ruscica is based in Helsinki and was educated at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.


2004 Swan Song (short)

2005 Contrapuntal (short)

2008 Evolutions (short)

2010 Travelogue (short)

2012 Przesuwane sceny, w sześciu zmianach / Scene Shifts, in Six Movements (short)

Big in Vietnam

France 2011 / 29’

A movie shoot in Marseilles is interrupted by the disappearance of its star actor and French-Vietnamese director Henriette wanders the city’s streets looking for him. Real-life director and actor Mati Diop draws on her experience on both sides of the camera in Big in Vietnam, faithfully recreating the atmosphere behind the scenes of a film production.

director: Mati Diop
screenplay: Mati Diop, Thierry de Peretti
cinematography: Mati Diop, Yannick Casanova
editing: Ael D. Vega, Nicolas Milteau
sound: Olivier Pelletier
cast: Henriette Nhung, Ghe Büi, Mike Nguyen
producer: Antonin Diedet
production: Neon Productions
sales: Neon Productions
language: French, Vietnamese
colouration: colour

Mati Diop

Actor and director Mati Diop was born in Paris in 1982. She studied at the Le Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts and participated in the prestigious Pavillon program at the Palais de Tokyo Center for Contemporary Art in Paris. Her works have been shown at international festivals, including Atlantiques (2009), which won the Tiger Award in Rotterdam. Also an actor, she played the female lead in Claire Denis’ 35 Shots of Rum.

Selected filmography

2004 Last Night (short)

2008 1000 Soleils / 1000 Suns (short, doc.)

2009 Atlantiques (short)

2011 Snow Canon (short)

2012 Big in Vietnam (short)