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‘The War of The Worlds’, a tribute to Orson Welles. Audio drama with musical improvisations

„Wojna światów” według Orsona Wellesa. Słuchowisko z muzyką improwizowaną
Special event

Dear listeners, please remain calm. Strange machines have appeared on Polish territory and are headed towards Wrocław. Stay with us for exclusive live updates!

When it first aired in 1938, Welles’ radio drama The War of the Worlds, an alleged report of a Martian invasion, caused alarm and hysteria among some listeners – many prepared for armed defense. History may yet repeat itself.

We revisit this pioneering mockumentary with our very own interpretation of the original H.G. Wells novel and the radio drama it inspired – this time set in today’s Poland, complete with on-location reporting, interviews with space scientists, government statements, and live transmissions from the frightening battle for Wrocław.

In a fitting tribute to the original Orson Welles broadcast, the show will be performed live in a darkened cinema theater, accompanied by a live musical score – allowing the audience members and their imaginations to illustrate the story each in their own way.

We will resume our broadcast momentarily!