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Man with a Plastic Bag

Jakub Polakowski
Człowiek z reklamówką
Poland 2012 / 21’

The title character of this film is post-communist Poland’s answer to Edward Scissorhands. Conspicuously different, rebuffing all trends, he goes through life with a vintage shopping bag in hand, while behind his back friends, family, and style mavens are none too generous about his ‘style’. But this is not only a story about a nonconformist. More than that, it is a humorous look at Polish mentalities – what not so long ago was a naïve fascination with colorful Western lifestyles, has now become something more like pretentious posturing.

Jakub Polakowski

Born in 1978, he studied geography at the University of Łódź and film editing at the National Film School in the same city. He currently works in television. His short documentary Miasto grzejników [Heater City] won the audience award at the KultOff Kino festival in 2011.

Selected filmography

2010 Miasto grzejników (short, doc.)

2012 Człowiek z reklamówką / Man with a Plastic Bag (short)

Cast & Crew

director Jakub Polakowski
screenplay Jakub Polakowski
cinematography Jakub Polakowski
editing Wojciech Janas
music Leszek Gałkowski
sound Bartek Krynicki
cast Marcin Skoczylas, Mariusz Potopianek, Anna Pindera, Monika Grzeszczuk, Tomasz Jacyków, Gosia Baczyńska
producer Marcin Skoczylas, Jakub Polakowski
production Spółdzielnia Produkcyjna „Miłość”
sales Marcin Skoczylas, Jakub Polakowski
language Polish
colouration colour