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Letter from Argentina

Grzegorz Pacek
List z Argentyny
Poland 1997 / 54’

Letter from Argentina is a documentary postscript to Witold Gombrowicz’s biography. By reviewing archive materials and interviewing the eccentric writer’s friends, the director attempts to learn something about his intimate life in Argentina. From somewhere among the writings, among the ‘me’, ‘me’ and ‘me’, appears ‘he’ – the author’s son born out of wedlock.


KFF 1998 – Award for Outstanding Script

Grzegorz Pacek

Grzegorz Pacek (born in 1965) is a Polish director and screenwriter of feature, documentary and advertising films. He began college at the Warsaw University of Technology but ultimately graduated with a degree in directing from the Łódź Film School. His directorial debut, Wednesday, Thursday Morning, received the Grand Prix at the Koszlin Film Festival.


1997 List z Argentyny / Letter from Argentina (doc., short)

2000 Jestem zły (doc., short)

2002 Ulica wapienna (doc., short)

2006 Idź do Luizy (doc., short)

2007 Środa, czwartek rano / Wednesday, Thursday Morning

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Cast & Crew

director Grzegorz Pacek
screenplay Grzegorz Pacek
cinematography Jarosław Mazur, archival footage
editing Jarosław Kamiński
sound Horacio Almada
cast Franco de Peña, Carlos Miranda, German Garcia, Graciela Awram
producer Jarosław Mazur
production TVP, Agencja Produkcji Filmowej, Mazur Film
sales TVP
language Polish
colouration colour & b&w