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Incident at Loch Ness

Zak Penn
UK 2004 / 94’

The real hero of this mockumentary is a creature far more enigmatic than the Loch Ness Monster – the notoriously eccentric German filmmaker, Werner Herzog – a legendary director and traveler, who savors working in hazardous conditions with dangerous people, a sometimes shaman and trickster. Herzog journeys to Scotland to make a film about the mythical beast, with a group of documentary filmmakers in tow.

Incident at Loch Ness is farce about the encounter of a European director with a Hollywood decision makers. The creative process becomes war, where Herzog – used to battling his acting medium, Klaus Kinski – faces the meddling and shortsighted producer. Just as their conflict reaches a fever pitch, the monster appears.


Seattle IFF 2004 – New American Cinema Award

Zak Penn

Zak Penn was born in 1968 and graduated from Wesleyan University in 1990. He is mainly a screenwriter, whose credits include Behind Enemy Lines, Elektra and X-Men: The Last Stand. He also works as a producer and sometimes directs. His two films so far are both comedies.


2004 Incydent w Loch Ness / Incident at Loch Ness

2007 The Grand

Cast & Crew

director Zak Penn
screenplay Werner Herzog, Zak Penn
cinematography John Bailey
editing Abby Schwarzwalder, Howard E. Smith
music Henning Lohner
cast Werner Herzog, Zak Penn, Gabriel Beristain, Kitana Baker
producer Werner Herzog, Zak Penn, Jana Augsberger, Gary Marcus
production Eden Rock Media
sales Summit Entertainment LLC
language English
colouration colour