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Foul-mouthed, noisy, hairy and damn well old enough to know better, is how Nick Cave warned the world of the coming of his new quartet five years ago. Their debut album Grinderman, released shortly thereafter, unabashedly lived up to the boast. In their live performances, the Australian band turned out to be even more hard-hitting, coarse and brimming with dark humour than in their studio recordings (can we imagine Nick Cave in any other shade?). Grinderman has given Cave an outlet through which to escape the weight of being ‘one of the greatest songwriters of our times’. Fans have discovered that the singer and musician can be other things than solemn. Yet the transformation didn’t require much more than a name change – Grinderman is made up of Bad Seeds alumni Warren Ellis on the violin, Martyn Casey on bass, and Jim Sclavunos keeping the beat. Their performance at New Horizons is a scheduled stop on the tour promoting their newest release, Grinderman 2.

Tickets can be bought from the www.nowehoryzonty.pl website and the Ticketpro website (www.ticketpro.pl).

Ticket prices until 30th June:

  • Zone I - 180 zł
  • Zone II - 120 zł
  • Zone I for festival pass holders - 160 zł
  • Zone II for festival pass holders - 100 zł

Ticket prices from 1st July:

  • Zone I - 210 zł
  • Zone II - 140 zł
  • Zone I for festival pass holders - 190 zł
  • Zone II for festival pass holders - 120 zł
Mariusz Herma

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