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Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

Brent Green
USA 2010 / 75’

A crazy time lapse animation. The first feature film made by Brent Green is a story inspired by the life of Leonard Wood – the creator of a strange house whose architectonical solutions of a fairy tale origin were to cure Leonard’s wife and save her life. Green reconstructs Wood’s world, erecting in his own garden buildings resembling the ones inhabited by Leonard and Mary. He asks his actors to play the roles of the prototypical characters, and, due to the time lapse technique, recreates the life of the Woods, placing it from the very beginning in a fairylike-surrealist context.

Leonard and Mary meet during a car accident in the process of which the man ‘falls from the sky’ onto his future beloved. Mary takes care of birds, collects eggs from the nests and sells them. Leonard is a salesman and DIY-man. Their peaceful existence is interrupted by news of Mary's cancerous disease. Leonard decides to overcome nature at all cost. The conversion of the house is just a starting point for a healing therapy.

Due to its subject matter and vast imagination of the author, Green's film can be compared to the works of Guy Maddin or Michael Gondry. At the same time, his animations resemble the early works of Jan Švankmajer.

Brent Green

He was born in 1978 in West Virginia. A self-taught filmmaker. He began his career by making short time lapse animations. He also dabbled in singing, writing songs and activities from the borderline of performance. His animations were presented, for instance, at the Sundance Festival (2006–2009) and in Rotterdam (2006). He has worked together with, for example, Wexner Center; J. Paul Getty Museum of Art, LA; and The Kitchen, New York. In April 2010 he finished working on his first animated feature film (time lapse animation) – Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then.

Selected filmography

2007 Paulina Hollers (short)

2008 Carlin (short)

2010 Grawitacja była wtedy wszędzie / Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

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Cast & Crew

director Brent Green
screenplay Brent Green, Donna Kozloskie, Michael McGinley
cinematography Jem Cohen, Brent Green, Holli Hopkins-McGinley, Donna Kozloskie, Jake Sillen, Peter Sillen
editing Brent Green
music Jim Becker, Brent Green, Donna Kozloskie, Michael McGinley
animation Brent Green
cast Donna Kozloskie, Michael McGinley
producer Martina Batan
production Nervous Films
sales Nervous Films
language English
colouration colour