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AUN – The Beginning and End of All Things

Edgar Honetschläger
Austria, Japan 2011 / 100’

Is cinematic philosophical poetry possible? Aun proves it is and that it may be truly beautiful. The full title, The Beginning and End of All Things, renders well the nature of this unusual piece, inspired by Shinto spirituality and structural anthropology. The basic thesis is the continuity and connection between nature and humankind, civilisation, and culture, a connection that replaces previous divisions and dichotomies. The film expresses it by combining pictures of nature with fictitious ones, macroscopic shots with microscopic time-lapses and animations. Some of the shots of snow, forest or nanodimensions are literally breathtaking. All this takes place without traditional narration and character construction, which play an utterly symbolic role. Doctor Sekai (Japanese for ‘world’) dies without making the discovery to save humanity. His son, Aun, inherits the key to the final answer, as the Brazilian scientist, Euclid, visits with his beautiful wife, Nymph. Combining science with art on the biological level is a perfect reflection of trends prevailing at festivals such as Transmediale or Ars Electronica, although it is rarely expressed with such thoroughly convincing cinematic means.

Jan Topolski

Edgar Honetschläger

Artist, screenwriter and director, Honetschläger was born and raised in Austria. Frequent childhood trips to England whet his appetite for travel: he lived four years in the United States (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco), over six in Japan (Tokyo), an unplanned year in Italy (Rome and Palermo), as well as a stressful year in Brazil (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília). Honetschläger currently lives in Tokyo and Vienna, heads the Edoko Institute, and continues to travel throughout the world. His work frequently deals with themes of individuality and celebration of cultural differences, diversity as necessity, expressing all that is uniform as a danger to the beauty of expression, beliefs, languages, and worldviews.

Selected filmography

1997 Milk

2000 L+R

2003 Il mare e la torta (doc.)

2005 Erni (short)

2007 Beijing Holiday (short)

2008 Sugar and Ice (short)

2011 AUN – początek i koniec wszech rzeczy / Aun – The Beginning and End of All Things

Prepared by: Jan Topolski

Cast & Crew

director Edgar Honetschläger
screenplay Edgar Honetschläger, Reinhard Jud
cinematography Hiroyuki Mizuno, Hisaki Sanbongi
editing Harald Aue, Seiji Harimoto, Tomoko Hiruta
music Christian Fennesz
cast William Ferreira, Yûki Hiyori, Tenji Kamogawa, Kyoichi Komoto, Yukika Kudo, Rosane Mulholland
producer Edgar Honetschläger, Yukika Kudo
production Edoko Institute, Ribo
sales Pascale Ramonda Festival Strategies
language Japanese, Portuguese, English
colouration colour