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That's Life...

Daniel Zieliński
Takie życie...
Poland 2010 / 27’

Already oldish man in isolation from the world takes care of ailing mother. Enclosed in the circle of simple steps, cut off from family and former life is slowly phasing out the reality of an old woman he loves boundless love. Involvement is accompanied by a male passivity environment. About the alleged memory of other family members show only the items, but one day they come to visit…

Daniel Zieliński

Born in 1979 in Kraków. Graduated in Polish Philology from the Jagiellonian University, currently a student of the Television Production at the Lodz Film School. Television journalist, awarded the Grand Press prize for TV documentaries, Camera Obscura for investigative documentaries and a prize of the Batory Foundation in the contest “Only Fish Don’t Take the Bait?”.


2010 Takie życie… / That's Life… (doc., short  film)

Cast & Crew

director Daniel Zieliński
screenplay Daniel Zieliński, Alex Pavlović
cinematography Alex Pavlović
music Michał Lorenc
producer Agnieszka Konecka, Marta Znój
production Zespół filmowy HeHeFilm
source of print Zespół filmowy HeHeFilm
language Polish
colouration colour