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New Chowanszczyzna

Ewa Grabowska
Nowa Chowańszczyzna
Poland 2009 / 10’

Film inspired by Aleksander Gabryś musical composition Eco Etno Polish Mountain Spheroide. It is a series of pictures which compose ethnic wall-painting about folklore, customs with wood engraving quotations. Dreams, a little insane, imaginary vision of young sleeping boy. Tempo and pictures result from the character of ethnic-modern music.

Ewa Grabowska

Ewa Grabowska Studied Architecture at Cracow's University of Technology: received a diploma from the Graphic Arts Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow received degree in the studio Metal print under the direction of Professor Andrzej Pietsch. Participation in individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. She’s an author of theatre and film set design, costume design, painting, animation films and Interior Design.


2009 Nowa Chowańszczyzna / New Chowanszczyzna (short film, anim.)

Cast & Crew

director Ewa Grabowska
screenplay Ewa Grabowska
cinematography Ewa Grabowska
music Aleksander Gabryś
producer Longin Szmyd
production Longin Studio
source of print Longin Studio
language no dialogues
colouration colour