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Mark Stewart and the Maffia (GB)

Mark Stewart's music career started in 1978 with the legendary post-punk band The Pop Group. Even then, Stewart used microphone as a weapon - in his opposing to the British policies of those times and to the Cold War, expressed in his provocative lyrics (e.g. We Are All Prostitutes). He combines many genres of music: punk, funk, dub, jazz and noise. His solo career as Mark Stewart & The Mafia was possible due to the support by his friend Adrian Sherwood, owner of the ON-U Sound production company, who published his records. Stewart's albums, e.g. As the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade, or Learning to Cope with Cowardice had a special influence on many contemporary musicians: David Bowie, Carl Craig or Nick Cave. Many bands who represent such variable styles as, for instance, Massive Attack, Asian Dub Foundation or Nine Inch Nails also admit being inspired by his artistic achievements. This is the first time Mark Stewart will have been to Poland.