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Brand Upon the Brain! with live music

Special screening attended by the director, with performance by Foley artists, narrator Gosia Dobrowolska and orchestra.

Along with Cowards Bend the Knee or The Blue Hands (2003) and My Winnipeg (2007), Brand Upon the Brain! is a part of Maddin's quasi-autobiographic trilogy. The adult Guy, alter ego of the director himself, returns to a deserted island after many years of absence. His mother asks him, in a letter, to repaint the inside of the family's house at a lighthouse. During the painting, the tragic past of this place should disappear, covered with a thick layer of paint. But things turn out differently - phantoms of the past, evoked by Guy with love and hatred at the same time, create a story about his growing up.

Brand Upon the Brain! was an important turning point in Guy Maddin's art. It is a reflection of experiments with editing stylised images, sounds and text. As a sort of a silent film, it was often screened with live music and "narration" and the narrators included Geraldine Chaplin, Isabella Rossellini, Lou Reed and John Ashberry. During the special screening in Wrocław, this role will be entrusted to one of Maddin's actresses - Gosia Dobrowolska (Careful). Along with the performance by the narrator and orchestra, the audience will admire a specific soundtrack for the film created live by Foley artists, who imitate sounds for cinema productions.

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