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Miloš Forman
USA, West Germany 1979 / 121’

Maybe exactly because this manifesto came a little late (in 1979 the hippie revolution was actually over), Hair is one of the antiquities which are exceptionally hard to drown. The performance's meaning could be excellently led by the powerful music itself. But this is not necessary. The intelligent and distanced look by Forman does not deprive revolutionaries of their seducing charm. In this story about a boy from the South sheltered by a caring small commune in New York, the distance is combined with admiration of innocence and the uncompromising attitudes of the young. Humour is linked with some sadness, because it's all over now... The film is almost prophetic when the black LaFayette, who searches for universal consciousness, sings: I'm a... coloured spade, a nigger, cotton pickin', shoeshine boy, slave voodoo, resident of Harlem and President of the United States of Love.

Darek Arest

Miloš Forman

Original name Jan Tomáš Forman. Born in 1932 in Čáslav, Czech film director, screenwriter, actor and professor. An award-winning filmmaker. He is US citizen.

Selected filmography:

1960 Laterna magika II / Magic Lantern II (doc.)

1965 Lásky jedné plavovlásky / A Blonde in Love

1967 Hoří, má panenko! / The Firemen's Ball

1975 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

1979 Hair

1984 Amadeus

1999 Man on the Moon

2006 Goya's Ghosts