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Johan Kling
Sweden 2007 / 94’

Stockholm, an ordinary afternoon. Eva, attractive and cold-hearted girl of good upbringing goes to a Gucci shop, as she does every day. There she works. Her daily schedule also includes an afternoon latté nowhere else than in the fashionable café, sex in the evening, an absolutely emotionless affair. There's no place for unnecessary feelings in this life. When suddenly she is thrown out of her luxurious life, Eva meets Bernard, a sixty-year-old unemployed divorcee, who desperately and naively hopes to find a new life. Thus, we have a simple and powerful opposition here: she is young, beautiful and totally devoid of any emotions, he is elderly, warm and kind-hearted. Their acquaintance is very close to sentimentalism at times, but the director disillusions us in cold bold: reality is like a fast food bar anyway. Maybe Darling is a little too commercial - Dan Sallitt wrote about the film - but Kling is commercial in the way that Lubitsch or Mike Leigh could be called commercial: he gives audiences pleasure, his control of pace and rhythm is exceptional, he's a natural at comedy.

Darling is an elegant study of decline of interpersonal relations, where warmth, a friendly gesture and smiles are as rare as exhibits at a natural history museum.

Agata Bratek

Johan Kling

Born in 1962 in Stockholm. Began his career as a TV producer. Turned director and scriptwriter with a series of comedy mockumentaries produced for Swedish TV channels in the years 1999-2001. Directed and wrote the short Me in 2002, a forerunner of the debut feature Darling.


2001 Stockholmare (TV series)

2002 Spacer (TV series)

2003 Jag / Me (short)

2007 Darling

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