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Two Lines

Selim Evci
Iki çizgi
Turkey 2008 / 93’

Selin and Mert were very careful about comfort, and now they have everything: a bright house, a fast car, a huge multi-media projector. Apart from these, their whole lives are make-believe. Pretended love, pretended trust, pretended passion. They pretend to live together: they live in the same house, they make love in the same bed, they even watch TV on the same sofa. But the structure of their lives is organised by boredom, resignation and never-ending, ever-intensifying irritation. A suppressed need to get away from this entanglement of inconsistencies, to experience something new, something exciting, turns into increased loneliness and trivial atrophy of feeling, which remains so painful. The characters head into a direction where they can only find a cold wall. Trying to escape from it, they go on holiday.

In his low-key debut, Selim Evci follows his famous countryman, Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Just like Ceylan, Evci observes the anatomy and slow decay of a relationship. He is moderate, patient, he does turn to easy solutions. The camera watches the two characters all the time, exploring their silent drama, a spectacle of various masks some of which adhere so strongly that a human face can be seen only by incident, only for a short moment.

Jakub Socha

Selim Evci

Born in 1975 in Istanbul. After graduating from the Maltepe University, he continued his studies at the film faculty of the Beykent University. He presented his documentaries and short films at many film festivals in Turkey and abroad. He himself is the director of the International Annual Akbank Short Film Festival. In 2006 he established the distribution company Evci Film Production. While filming, he also teaches short film production at the Maltepe University. Two Lines is his feature-length debut.


2008 Iki çizgi/ Two Lines

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