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The Other One

Patrick Mario Bernard, Pierre Trividic
France 2008 / 97’

The Other One is a glossy film. Sensual in many aspects, the characters, surrounded by romantic illumination, travel through dense sounds. The metallic breath of urban life is with them - they meet at shopping malls, cafes, museums and they travel by underground. There is charm in it. The least perfect element of this world is a man - although beautiful, but capable of suffering.

Dominique Blanc is impressive as the 47-year-old Anne-Marie, who has just ended her affair with a young black man. She shuns obligations; she wants to live her own life finally. When she learns that Alex has got involved in a relationship with another woman of her age, she starts an investigation as an act of jealousy. With scant information, she builds an image of her rival - her double. She suffers an identity crisis, lost in emotions which are not hers. It turns out that "to be yourself", as so many commercials promote now, you need courage as perfect as the perfect world around you.

Agnieszka Szeffel


Patrick Mario Bernard, Pierre Trividic

They have written screenplays and directed films together since 1996. Their partnership started with the documentary Le cas lovecraft (1998) for the TV channel France 3. Since then, they have worked for TV (This is a Pipe, 2000 for Canal+, Une famille parfaite, 2005 for Arte), and for cinema (Ballroom, 2003). The Other One is their second feature-length film. Pierre Trividic studied film at the Institut des Hautes Études Cinémagraphiques in Paris and co-authored the following films: Coming to Terms with the Dead (1994) and Lady Chatterley (2006) by Pascale Ferran, Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train (1998) by Patrice Chéreau and The Key (2007) by Guillaume Nicloux. Patrick Mario Bernard studied fine arts in Metz. He has also worked as an illustrator, graphic artist, stage-designer and theatre director.


1998 Le cas lovecraft (TV, short film, doc.)

2000 Ceci est une pipe / This is a Pipe (TV, short, doc.)

2003 Dancing / Ballroom

2005 Une famille parfaite (TV, short)

2008 L'autre / The Other One

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