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François Ozon
France, Italy 2009 / 90’

François Ozon likes to surprise his audiences. His latest film Ricky offers an exceptional mixture of genres and excellently composed roles. Katie is a single mother employed at a factory, who lives in one of the many anonymous blocks. Her life changes when she meets Paco, falls in love with him, and becomes pregnant very soon. When the title child is born, their life is transformed for a while.

Ozon has proven many times that he feels at ease with many various film conventions. Ricky combines bitter social observation with a great dose of magic realism. The filmmaker juggles with styles, starting from the realist, para-documentary prologue and smoothly continuing on to the fairy-tale poetics. The story told retrospectively avoids sentimentalism, skilfully presenting the family drama and relationships between the characters. The wonderful performance by the two main actresses is noticeable - Alexandra Lamy as the mother and Mélusine Mayance who plays seven-year-old Lisa. They bring elements of psychological realism to the film. The director perfectly mastered all possible film tricks, but Ricky is something more than a skilful filmmaking magic show. This piece of art proves once again the maturity of this artist and his exceptional talent.

Samuel Nowak

François Ozon

Director, screenwriter, editor, born in Paris in 1967. He made his first film as a teenager. He graduated from the famous Parisian film school La Fémis. Even during his studies he made many short films and won multiple awards, opening his further career. He made his full-length feature debut only in 1997 - Sitcom was a virulent and ironic satire on family and middle class, disguising various, especially sexual, perversions behind a mask of normality. He gained recognition with his following films Criminal Lovers and Water Drops on Burning Rocks, which won a Teddy Award at the IFF in Berlin for the best film with LGBT topics. His position was enhanced by his subsequent works, including 8 Women and Five Times Two.

Selected filmography:

1998 Sitcom

2000 Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brulantes / Water Drops on Burning Rocks

2002 8 femmes / 8 Women

2003 Swimming Pool

2005 5 x 2

2005 Le temps qui reste / Time to Leave

2007 Angel

2009 Ricky

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