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The Visitor

Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää, Finlandia
Estonia, Germany, Great Britain 2008 / 105’

The film tells a dark and somehow primordial story about treason, loyalty and adolescence.We see it from the perspective of a ten-year-old boy who looks after his sick mother and visits his father in jail.The monotonous life of the main character is interrupted by a stranger arriving - the intruder destroys the previous order.The child is entangled in the reality of the adults, he is a kind of puer-senex, a child forced to behave like a mature man, and yet living in a world of fantasy in which nature is alive and conscious, in which things have powers and all actions are symbolic.The director says:I wanted to make a movie about the world of a child, where the surrounding reality and the child's fantasy are equally present. A world that is both mysterious and new.

The film leaves a lot unsaid and its plot is based on pure emotions.Much like in the original phase of cinema, words are unnecessary here and the tension is created by the image itself, by simple gestures, symbolic reactions. Everything is united in an atmosphere of anxiety and undefined terror.The cool, almost ascetic beauty of cinematography does not take us to a Magic Land.The grown-up world is dark and painful.

Paulina Sieniuć

Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää

Born in 1977 in Porvoo, Finland.He studied directing at University of Helsinki.He has made many commercials and worked also as a graphic artist and illustrator. He has created two short films and the second one, The Fall (Keniu) of 2003 was screened at the festival in Karlovy Vary.Muukalainen is his first full-length film.


2000 Silmät kiinni ilman käsiä / Eyes Closed No Hands (short)

2003 Keinu / The Fall (short)

2008 Muukalainen / The Visitor

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