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Krzysztof Tchórzewski
Poland 2004 / 57’

A film portrait of the director, co-founder of the cinema of moral anxiety. But the documentary's title refers not only to emotions raised by his work. I am worried about you, Maja Komorowska says in an archive recording of a TV interview - because of the terrible race inside you. Zanussi the director, but also lecturer, producer, philanthropist, polyglot, changing one plane for another, always speaking on a phone, seen with famous politicians, always supremely elegant. Why the hurry, risking the director of dissipating his talents?

The camera observes the director at his birthday party, while shooting Persona non grata, travelling, giving a lecture, at a charitable event. Words of Zanussi, his friends and collaborators are intertwined with excerpts of films and archive footage.

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