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When It Was Blue

Jennifer Reeves
USA, Iceland 2008 / 68’

When It Was Blue is a film performance, a multi-layered multi-projection, called 'a documentary on disturbance'. This is a disturbance of the spectators' perception habits, even for the audience accustomed to avant-garde cinema. The volatile nature of the projection, multiplication of perspective, hurried perception, strategy of bombing the spectators with images and impressions render a conventional manner of perception helpless when confronted with Reeves's vision. The film was inspired by the cooperation with the Icelandic musician Skúli Sverrisson. Another inspiration were travels to the parts of the world which are distanced from the fuss and turmoil - Iceland, New Zealand, the shores of the Pacific in the USA and Canada. The director manually processed the images of ecosystems, which were filmed with a 16 mm camera. The result is an impressionist texture, revealing the mimics of landscape, earth, trees, water, animals and plants, which cannot be normally seen. Jennifer Reeves has a talent for combining and overlapping - both literally and symbolically - different levels of human experience and the area of her psychological and aesthetical search can be compared to the achievements of Stan Brakhage.

Agnieszka Szeffel

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