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The Time We Killed

Jennifer Reeves
USA 2004 / 94’

Two great personalities met while shooting The Time We Killed - the director Jennifer Reeves and the poet Lisa Jarnot. The biographies of these two women similarly oversensitive representatives of the same generation, who apply utterly different means of artistic expression, gave rise to the character, Robyn. The Time We Killed is a poetic visual diary, a story about the process of creation and about the suffering it results from.

Robyn does not leave her apartment in New York, trying to separate herself from the world of violence, to sink into the dark nooks of her own imagination, attempting to find her way to dusty memories, to understand her own choices and to write. Distanced from everyday life, which keeps penetrating the closed space within the four walls, Robyn is inspired by the experience of herself, even keener in the isolation. The main character's stream of consciousness shows fragments of TV broadcasts, home video, documentaries and small experimental features. We witness the writing of Lisa Jarnot's works illustrated by Reeves with a series of grainy, overexposed 16 mm images, linked with a poetic motif.

Agnieszka Szeffel

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