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Oszibarack and Michael Fakesz

Oszibarack i Michael Fakesz

After their impressive debut Moshi, moshi, which amazed critics and the Polish music market with its concept and sound, the band Oszibarack returns with a new album entitled Plim plum plam. Just like in the case of their debut, the music is characterised by an uncompromising attitude to form and unconventional arrangement ideas. Its style ranges from the minimal study in Anchor up and mature, lazy electro-pop in Stop calling me, and Goldfrapp himself could be envious of this piece.

The music of Plim plum plam fits in the club aesthetics, but it goes beyond the form of applied music. This is rather a post-modernist video-clip, in which clubbing is one of the ideas, but it is not a dominating image. The colours of this video-clip are decidedly vivid, but the music’s dramatics does not only stress the optimistic hues. Using wind instruments may be associated with Oszibarack’s tendency towards nu-jazz, but this is not correct, because the orchestration and atmosphere of their works tend visibly towards avant pop, making us rather think about BBC Radio One and about the ambitious trends, balancing between the German electronics and English distance and freedom. At the concert at the Era New Horizons festival, the band will play together with the master of futurist, electronic funk, German producer and musician Michael Fakesz.

more info: www.myspace.com/oszibarack

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