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Digit All Love

A Wrocław project of 11 artists, led by Maciej Zakrzewski, who is responsible for the electronic sounds. DAL is proof that attempting to bring trip-hop trends to Polish music can be a success. Among other members of the group are the musicians Miloopy (rhythm section) and Natalia Grosiak, whose sensual, ethereal vocal is a hallmark of this band. And if we add the sounds of a string quarter, than it is clear why crowds gather to listen to DAL concerts. Fans of Portishead and melancholic atmospheres won’t be disappointed. During the concert in Wrocław DAL's music will be accompanied by visualisations by Toyotaka Ota.

more info: www.digit-all-love.com

ticket prices: 30 PLN (full price), 15 PLN (reduced price - for holders of festival passes)


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