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Column One

This project, created in 1992 in Berlin, has many faithful fans in Poland. Its members, known as post-industrial experimenters, use different styles ranging from minimalist electronic music to acoustic sounds. They have already worked with GENESIS P-ORRIDGE (Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle). This band plays with sounds, combining pathos with humour. Their concerts are audio-visual spectacles (often turning into performance art), inspired by distinguished films, including works by Derek Jarman, Ingmar Bergman or Andrei Tarkovsky. Their albums contain sound collages where you can hear Pier Paolo Pasolini and Tina Turner as well. COLUMN ONE is an artistic provocation, operating stylistic mixes, open to mistakes and random sounds.

more info: www.column-one.de

ticket prices: 15 PLN (full price), 10 PLN (reduced price - for holders of festival passes)


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