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This artist comes from the county where Sigur Ros, Mum and Björk were born. Icelandic groups are a good reference for the work of MUGISON, who himself paid for publishing his debut album Lonely Mountain (2003). With whatever was necessary to live and play for mugiboxie, he started a tour during which he even played at the Sonar festival. MUGISON'S second album, Mugimama, is this monkey music, was recognised in Iceland as a pop album (!) of the year. Interesting, though hard to define this mix of blues and guitar music and the inimitable atmosphere of his concerts, it has led him to Mike Patton’s recording company - Ipecac.

This Icelander’s latest achievement is the album Little Trip, soundtrack for the film A Little Trip to Heaven by Baltazar Kormakur, director of the legendary feature 101 Reykyavik, known in Poland as well.

more info: www.myspace.com/mugison

ticket prices: 15 PLN (full price), 10 PLN (reduced price - for holders of festival passes)


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