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José Miguel Wisnik Sextet

During his concert at Wrocław festival, José Miguel Wisnik (Brazil), an artist of Polish origin who lives in Brasil, will be performing his own works combining many music genres from different regions of Brazil. Some songs have been composed for earlier poetry - poems by such artists as Carlos Drummond de Andrade or Fernando Pessoa. In his career, he has also worked with Paulo Leminski, who shared a Polish origin with Wisnik and who died in 1989. José Miguel Wisnik (vocal, piano) will be accompanied by: Jussara Silveira (vocal), Arthur Nestrovski (guitar), Dimos Goudarolis (cello), Marcelo Jeneci (keyboard instrument, accordion) and Guilherme Kastrup (percussion).

more info: www.cliquemusic.uol.com.br/artistas/jose-miguel-wisnik.asp

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