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Set 3: Short film: panorama (documentaries, features)


In a Good Position

Die gute Lage
Germany 2006 / 13'36’

director:Nancy Brandt
screenplay:Nancy Brandt

Do you have the perfect flat? A little study with unusual insights…


Germany, Switzerland 2006 / 19'35’

director:Michael Koch
screenplay:Michael Koch

It's midsummer. The pool is bustling with people. One morning an unusual discovery draws the lifeguard's attention to a group of young kids.


UK 2006 / 14'6’

director:Simon Ellis
screenplay:Simon Ellis

When a father and son are independently terrorised by the same gang of youths, Dad is forced to deal with fears that he hasn't had to face since leaving school.


France, UK 2007 / 15'30’

director:Jörg Tittel
screenplay:Jörg Tittel
language:French, English

An estranged mother and father take their daughter to the zoo on a desperate trip to be a normal, loving family again.

Thanks Anyway

Trotzdem Danke
Germany 2006 / 6'30’

director:Mischa Leinkauf, Matthias Heinrich Wermke
screenplay:Mischa Leinkauf, Matthias Heinrich Wermke

Armed with only a pail of water, we took on the Germans 'stick-up-their-ass' mentality, proving once again that Berlin may be poor but it is still damn 'sexy'.

Tube With a Hat

Lampa cu caciula
Romania 2006 / 23’

director:Radu Jude
screenplay:Florin Lazarescu

Very early morning, Marian, a 7 years old boy from a small and isolated Romanian village, wakes up his father and persuades him to go to the city, in order to fix their old TV set. A short road-movie about father-and-son relationship and about the importance of the small things in life.


France 2005 / 10’

director:Jean-Gabriel Périot
screenplay:Jean-Gabriel Périot
language:no dialogue

Is it feasible to fix up a deteriorating world? "Undo" suggests trying out another solution before fixing up the world: isn't it better to undo it? A clock's hands tick backwards and we watch the creation of the earth.

With a Little Patience

Hungary 2007 / 14’

director:Laszlo Nemes
screenplay:Laszlo Nemes

An office clerk as seen during her daily routine - all the little vibrations of her face. And a man, impatiently waiting for her, beyond the windows.