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Set 1: Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival (documentaries, features)


664 km

France 2008 / 43’

director:Arnaud Bigeard
screenplay:Arnaud Bigeard

Two men are looking for one million euros hidden in a disused gas station after a break-in. Competition is stiff and things go wrong. David, a young thug in his twenties, gets scared and find refuge with Anne, a waitress twenty years older than him that he met in a roadside restaurant.

Eremia Eremia

France 2007 / 13’

director:Olivier Broudeur, Anthony Quéré
screenplay:Olivier Broudeur, Anthony Quéré

A man seeks liberation from his alienating job through sport, finding the peace he needs in the presence of nature.

Guitar Lesson

La leçon de guitare
France 2006 / 17'42’

director:Martin Rit
screenplay:Martin Rit, Mariette Désert

A man with nothing to do all day decides to take guitar lessons. He falls for his music teacher's flatmate who flirts with him slightly and even has the same name as the Serge Gainsbourg chanson he's struggling to learn - "Laetitia".


France 2007 / 18’

director:Lorenzo Recio
screenplay:Lorenzo Recio, Martin Drouot

Lisa is a young girl who lives in isolated house with her parents and her two brothers, under the firm authority of her father. One day, Lisa shatters his scared order.


Germany, null 2006 / 3'30’

director:Jan Verbeek
screenplay:Jan Verbeek
language:no dialogue

Młody człowiek pracujący w garażu, ubrany w kapelusz i trencz, kieruje samochody do poszczególnych wyjazdów. Precyzyjna choreografia przypomina pełen siły taniec. Obraz i ścieżka dźwiękowa znosi granice; świat zewnętrzny i wewnętrzny zlewają się.

A young parking garage attendant with hat and trench coat and long arms conducts the cars to the one or other exit. The precise operation appears like the choreography of a powerful dance.

Tony Zoreil

France 2007 / 20’

director:Valentin Potier
screenplay:Valentin Potier

Tony is a 28 year-old single who inherited from an remarkable physical particularity…he has like the rest of his family very big ears. Looking for love, he collects failures with women who reject his difference.

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