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Set 1: Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival (animations)


20000 Phantoms

Nijuman no borei
France 2007 / 11’

director:Jean-Gabriel Périot
screenplay:Jean-Gabriel Périot
language:no dialogue

A remarkable visual achievement and an emotional journey, Periot overlays photos revolving around one location in Hiroshima, Japan from 1916 through 2004.

Do It Yourself

Belgium 2007 / 12'50’

director:Eric Ledune
screenplay:Eric Ledune

If you don't violate someone's human rights some of the time, you probably aren't doing your job.

Fishing with Spinoza

Denmark 2007 / 7’

director:John Kenn Mortensen
screenplay:John Kenn Mortensen

Jude and Ruby are out fishing for a legendary fish called Moby, they talk about Hemingway, Wild at Heart and Spinoza. They end up fighting the fish and accidentally catching it.

Forest Murmours

UK 2006 / 12’

director:Jonathan Hodgson
screenplay:Jonathan Hodgson, Robert Jones

An animated exploration of Epping Forest's sinister past sparks off a journey into the dark side of the artist's mind.

La main de l’ours

Switzerland 2008 / 4'40’

director:Marina Rosset
screenplay:Marina Rosset

Three brothers live in a remote forest glade. One day, when the youngest of the three has to go into the forest, his fear is so great that he keeps his eyes closed and trips over a bear.

Radio Kebrle

Czech Republic 2006 / 16’

director:Zdeněk Durdil
screenplay:Džian Baban, Vojtech Mašek, Zdeněk Durdil

Prior to founding his legendary Monstrkabaret, renowned variety artist and entertainer Fred Brunold, scraped by doing anything and everything. Fred's rich expereince from his reporting job is illustrated by the enlightening story about little Janik and his dangerous excursion to see his grandfather Jaroslav Kebrle.

Saint Feast Day

Le saint festin
France 2007 / 15'40’

director:Annelaure Daffis, Léo Marchand
screenplay:Annelaure Daffis, Léo Marchand

Hurrah! Tomorrow is the 40th of November! It's Saint Feast Day, the great celebration of Ogres, so if you haven't caught a child yet hurry up now... and good hunting!

Springtime in Sant Ponç

Le printemps de Sant Ponç
Switzerland 2007 / 20’

director:Eugenia Mumenthaler, David Epiney
screenplay:Eugenia Mumenthaler, David Epiney

Drawing workshop with mentally handicapped people. Animated journey across their anxieties, their spontaneity and their stories.