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Denmark 2002 / 11’

director:Kunuk Platoú, Valerie E. Saunders
screenplay:based on her novel)
animation:Karin Hjort, Trine Laier, Peter Hausner, Karla Nielsen, Mads Juul, Luca Fattore, Christian Wichmann, Rebecka Goldman, Signe Ravn, Bjarke Brint, Trine Laier, Karsten Mungo Madsen
producer:Valerie E. Saunders
production:Rambling Rose Film APS

Three little girls want to become ballerinas. Their life is filled with dancing and playing. The little urchins feel like stars sometimes. But sometimes they are bored with long-lasting training. What will happen when the curtain goes up?

Going Back Home

Tilbage til byen
Denmark 1999 / 18’

director:Michael W. Horsten
screenplay:Naja Maria Aidt, Michael W. Horsten
cinematography:Steffen Led Sørensen
cast:Vera Nygaary, Emilie Stenov
producer:Henrik Møller-Sørensen
production:ASA Film Produktion A
awards:IFF Berlin 2000 - najlepszy film krótkometrażowy / Best Short Film wersja językowa / language: duńska / Danish

Alicja and her parents move from the busy city to the calm country. This situation is terribly stressful for the girl, who is forced to say goodbye to her friends and to adapt to new, unknown surroundings. She rebels against the decision to move. There is only one consolation - the new house is pleasant and nicely situated. Alicja likes it. And she likes animals, which turn up around the house.

Films for children aged 3-6

Hands Up!

Hænderne op!
Denmark 1997 / 22’

director:Morten Henriksen
screenplay:Morten Henriksen
cinematography:Jan Weincke
cast:Amelia Höy, Ole Lemmeke, Oliver Jagd Miehe-Renard, Tammi Øst, Lily Weiding
production:Magic Hour Films APS
awards:Chicago International Children's FF 1998 - nagroda dorosłego jury / Adult's Jury Award

Six-year-old Oliver knows perfectly well how to outwit his nanny. But will he prove his wits when his baby sister accidentally gets locked in the flat?

Mortens Ball

Mortens badebold
Denmark 1993 / 8’

director:Liller Møller
screenplay:Liller Møller
cinematography:Lars Beyer
music:Øyvind Ougaard
cast:Andrea Vagn Jensen, Victor Lindahl, Per Tønnes Nielsen,
production:Filmforsyningen APS

All children ride bikes and skates, but not Morten. He is too small. Morten plays with an absolutely ordinary beach ball. But suddenly it turns out that the ball is not so ordinary at all. It takes the boy for a journey to the garden.