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Having a Brother

Drengen i kufferten
Denmark 2006 / 8’

director:Esben Toft Jacobsen
screenplay:Esben Toft Jacobsen, Jannik Tai Mosholt
cinematography:Dror Kasinsky
music:Nicklas Schmidt
producer:Anders Toft Andersen
production:The National Film School of Denmark

The baby hedgehog Morten is the beloved son of his parents. When his little brother is born, mummy and daddy have much less time for Morten. The hedgehog decides to change. this state of affairs and bring the world back to the previous order.


Denmark 2006 / 10’

director:Peter Hausner, Snobar Azedien
screenplay:Ulla Raben
music:Jørgen Lauritsen
producer:Fredrik Vogel
production:Tinyfilm SKP APS
language:no dialogue, no subtitles

Early in the morning little Louis is trying to catch his parents' attention. Mummy and daddy are fast asleep, so the boy lets his imagination play. Together with his pal, the Blanket, he goes for a wild journey to the ocean. The two friends drive a car, ride a rollercoaster and make a lot of noise while laying the table. Suddenly Louis starts to miss his parents.

Little Daddy

Lille far
Denmark 2003 / 14’

director:Michael W. Horsten
screenplay:Michael W. Horsten
cinematography:Manuel Alberto Claro
music:Mattias Jacobsson
cast:Frederikke Bremerskov Kaysen, Gordon Kennedy, Nastja Maria Arcel, Anne Birgitte Feigenberg, Hans Henrik Voetmann
producer:Lise Lense-Møller
production:Magic Hour Films APS

The film is about seven-year-old Marie, who experiences a terrible feat of anger. Marie is supposed to spend a weekend with her daddy. She has already waved goodbye to her mummy, she has thrust her hand into the hand of her daddy and they are marching toward the city together. They are going to spend some time together. The girl is very happy that he is going to devote this time to her entirely. But the happiness doesn't last long…

Films for children aged 3-6

After the screening, there will be a special film-inspired workshop for children.

Wow! Says Little Bear

Ih! Siger den lille bamse
Denmark 2007 / 15’

reżyseria / director:
Maria Mac Dalland
screenplay:Thomas Winding
cimenatography:Lars Beyer
music:Manuel Espasandin
producer:Dino Raymond Hansen
production:Wake Film APS

A family of cheerful bears goes to a beach. The little bear collects pebbles and the big one splashes about in the water. A simple and fetching story for the youngest audience.