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Set Katarzyna Maciejko-Kowalczyk 2


89 mm from Europe

Poland 1993 / 12’

director:Marcel Łoziński
screenplay:Marcel Łoziński
cinematography:Jacek Petrycki, Artur Reinhart
montage:Katarzyna Maciejko - Kowalczyk
production:Studio Filmowe Kalejdoskop, Telewizja Polska

An award-winning (International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen 1993 - Grand Prix; International Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand in 1994 - Special Jury Award; IFF Montreal 1994 - Grand Prix), and Oscar-nominated, famous documentary by Marcel Łoziński.

89 mm mentioned in the title is the difference in width between rails in Europe and in the USSR. Trains entering the territory of the former Soviet Union may continue their journey only because the Belarusian workers exchange their wheels. You can see a precipice between them and the passengers of those trains. The reality of their lives is completely different from the lives of the travellers.

Five of My Mothers

Poland 1998 / 27’

director:Michał Nekanda-Trepka
screenplay:Elżbieta Nekanda-Trepka, Michał Nekanda-Trepka
cinematography:Jerzy Holnicki, Jan Muszyński, Michał Góral
montage:Katarzyna Maciejko - Kowalczyk
production:Telewizja Polska - I Program

Tamy Levy, the main character of this film, had to hide from the Nazis during WWII because of her Jewish ancestry. She survived with other people's help.As she herself says, she had five mothers. The first one - biological - was killed during the war, then there were three of them, who gave her shelter during the war and the last one brought her to Israel. After many years, as a mature person, Tama tries to find the people who once helped her, when she was so much in need.

Such Is My Karma

Poland 2000 / 29’

director:Grzegorz Pacek
screenplay:Grzegorz Pacek
cinematography:Piotr Muszyński
montage:Katarzyna Maciejko - Kowalczyk
production:Wytwórnia Filmowa Czołówka

The work Such is My Karma is based on an interesting idea. The director Grzegorz Pacek gave the camera to kids of Praga, a quarter of Warszawa, allowing them to document fragments of their reality. The effect is a shocking portray of the juvenile characters, who are so demoralised that no hope is left for them. Such is My Karma gained the Grand Prix at the International Documentaries and Short Films Festival in Kraków.

To My Madness

Poland 1979 / 17’

director:Stanisław Manturzewski
screenplay:Stanisław Manturzewski
animation:Jan Maciej Ptasiński
montage:Katarzyna Maciejko
production:Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych w Warszawie

To My Madness was a turning point of the career of Stanisław Manturzewski, allowing him to obtain his director's licence. The film received many awards for experimental films, including those at the Cork IFF 1979, and Huesca IFF 1980.

Wzywamy was

Poland 1981 / 9’

director:Bohdan Kosiński
screenplay:Bohdan Kosiński
cinematography:Jacek Petrycki
montage:Katarzyna Maciejko
production:Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych w Warszawie

A documentary about the inauguration of a statue commemorating the tragic events of December 1970, when military troops and Citizens' Militia brutally suppressed the shipyard workers' strike. The victims are shown through the memories of their families and participants in those events.

Katarzyna Maciejko-Kowalczyk (1949 - 2008) is one of the most talented Polish editors. Her filmography includes more than 80 films, and among them there are such famous pieces as: Robotnicy 80 by Andrzej Chodakowski, Such Is My Karma by Grzegorz Pacek and 89 mm from Europe by Marcel Łoziński. With the latter, she worked on a majority of his films. She won applause as director of several works, including the famous Benek Blues, awarded with the Golden Dragon at the Polish Short Films Festival in Kraków. Apart from filmmaking, she also practiced artistic photography. She was also a lecturer at Andrzej Wajda Master School of Directing.



1974 Wizyta towarzysza Breżniewa (dok. / doc.)

1977 Wół (kr.m., dok. / short, doc.)

1977 Białe tango (kr.m., dok. / short, doc.)

1977 Zapada czas (kr.m., dok. / short, doc.)

1979 W tym szaleństwie (kr.m. / short)

1980 Próba mikrofonu (kr.m., dok. / short, doc.)

1980 Robotnicy 80 (dok. / doc.)

1981 Wzywamy was (kr.m., dok. / short, doc.)

1986 Ćwiczenia warsztatowe (kr.m., dok. / short, doc.)

1990 Las katyński (dok. / doc.)

1993 Tata Kazika (dok. / doc.)

1993 89 mm od Europy (kr.m., dok. / short, doc.)

1997 Bareizm (dok. / doc.)

1998 Żeby nie bolało (dok. / doc.)

1998 Pięć moich matek (kr.m., dok. / short, doc.)

1999 Benek Blues (dok. / doc.)

2000 Jestem zły (kr.m., dok. / short, doc.)

2002 Pamiętam (dok. / doc.)

2006 Jeden dzień w PRL (dok. / doc.)

2006 Jak to się robi (dok. / doc.)

2007 A gdyby tak się stało (dok. / doc.)