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Stone Silence

Krzysztof Kopczyński
Poland 2007 / 51’

In 2005 ins the village of Spingul, northern Afganistan, w woman charge with adultery was killed. 29-year-old Amina, according to different versions, was stoned to death, strangled, died of heart attack or committed suicide. Despite the court judgement, all the murder suspects are free.

Krzysztof Kopczyński has a Ph. D. in humanities, he is a lecturer at the university, and, during martial law he was an underground publisher, and since 1995 he has been a director and producer of documentaries. He is an author of books about the media, film, 19th-century culture and contemporary culture.


2007 Kamienna cisza / Stone Silence (dok. kr.m. / short doc.)

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