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Hermeto, the Champ

Thomaz Jorge Farkas
Hermeto campeão
Brasil 1981 / 42’

In 1968 in northern Brazil, there were many young filmmakers striving to carry out a project documenting Brazilian folk culture. This group focused around the entrepreneur and photographer Thomaz Farkas, the great patron of this concept. Consistently with Farkas's predictions, the filmmakers gained complete freedom in carrying out this project with traditional reporting techniques.

Everything in this film is Farkas's, the content, the script, along with direction as well. Hermeto, The Champ is a portray of Hermeto Pascoal, including a background of excellently-edited music. The film also portrays his style of composing and his sources of inspiration. Farkas's visual subtlety and careful planning of the film's contents are also exceptional. As a director he also keeps control over Hermeto Pascoal expressing his opinions about a consumer society, money, about work and fame as well.

Centro Dragao do Mar, Fortaleza

Thomaz Jorge Farkas was born in Budapest in 1924. In the 1940s, he started working as a photographer and he was the first Brazilian artist to have an individual exhibition in the Art Museum in Sao Paulo. Now, his works make part of the Pirelli collection and has regular exhibitions in the MoMA in New York. Farkas was the first Brazilian producer of documentaries about culture. With Caravana Farkas - an organisation he established to promote the Brazilian cultural heritage - he made a series of 33 short and medium-length films and 8 features


1981 Hermeto - mistrz / Hermeto campeão / Hermeto, the Champ