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Potosi: the Journey

Ron Havilio
Potosi: le temps du voyage
Israel, France 2007 / 246’

After thirty years Ron and Jacqueline return to Potosi, an Andean town at the top of the world, where they stayed when they were 20 years old. Now they take their three daughters with them: Noemi, Noa and Yael. This journey together becomes an experience that allows them to re-construct their family relationships. The grown-up girls help their father make the film, although for them Potosi itself is not an important place. They think that their parents and especially the father attach too much importance to it. You shouldn't search for Potosi, you should search within yourself - says one of the daughters. (…)

Potosi is not a documentary about miners' lives, a political manifesto against misery in Bolivia and the capitalist world order, and certainly it is not an ethnographical exotic National Geographic-style coverage. The journal of the trip across the Andes is an intimate story about ordering one's future and rebuilding the family. It is worth seeing not only for its unpretentious images - portraits, architectural details, mountain landscapes - it also helps one to think about passing time. Four hours go by unnoticed.

Agnieszka Kołodyńska, Rafał Zieliński, Gazeta Wyborcza

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